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Employers connect with Sight on Site

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your employees a link to schedule appointments


the Doctor on the scheduled day/time


glasses and/or contacts right at your workplace


your order in the mail approximately 2 weeks later

Why We Do It

Day after Day we hear from our patients that they never have time to get an eye exam, even when they are no longer seeing that great.

We understand how busy lives can get and we knew there had to be a better, more convenient way. Even ordering glasses online is not that convenient. You can’t try them on and must wait for them to send you a few pairs to try. Why try on 4, when you can try on hundreds.

They say you can do an exam online, but that doesn’t check the most important thing, the health of your eye. We knew there was a better way. Employers have been bringing in Medical Care to the workplace for years as a benefit, now Arizona businesses can add Eye Care on site as an amazing benefit.

Many employers recognize that the quality of their employees’ vision can influence their performance and productivity, and require ongoing medical care. Vision problems cost American businesses nearly $8 billion annually in lost productivity and medical expenses. (

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