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Our Story

Our CEO, Michael Garcia, helped his 1st customer get glasses in 1997.

Since then and 100,000 customers later, he wanted to do more and help more people. As a husband and parent, he knows what little time is left in the day to take care of essential things like eye exams and getting glasses. Several states on the east coast have been offering on site eye care and he realized our community deserved this same great offering.

Since 2012 he was worked with Dr John Riley, Dr Kerri Luce and Optician/Vision Therapist, Joy Perluisi.

Together they have created amazing experiences with thousands of people in the East Valley with all their Eye Care needs. They decided to join forces in this new venture and have created Sight on Site Mobile Eye Care. Not only do they want to create a convenient option for Eye Care, but they want to help the community see better while getting a great price and an amazing experience.

Our Mission

Sight On Site Mobile Eye Care’s mission is to make Eye Care more convenient. We have helped endless amounts of people in a brick and mortar setting and know that people dread having to go to the Eye Doctor and order new glasses and contacts. Our goal is to bring the experience and benefit of “On Site Eye Care” to the comfort of your workplace. We want employers to think of us as the employee provided vision benefit. We believe everyone should have this experience and we offer our services to schools, events, landlords and anywhere that we can help this great community. We believe you should have no excuse to seeing your best.

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